Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does Your Husband Love Irish Spring?

Does your husband or significant other love the smell of Irish Spring Soap? I have a really good customer whose husband does and she's been asking for a while if can make a soap that smells like Irish Spring.

She wants her husband to use good handmade soap minus the sodium tallowate, (beef fat) triclosan and a few other things that many commercial soaps are made with.

After doing a custom order for my very good client I decided to add the new soap to my men's line because Wow! It's manly, it's fresh, clean, green and a bit of complex all at the same time. My own husband really
likes it, too. Bonus!

It's my own proprietary fragrance blend, which shall remain my secret, but I did a flat top version for the first batch above. I think I'll keep it that way.

These bars need about 3 more weeks on the drying/curing rack because I was generous with the skin pampering Avocado oil. I love Avocado oil in soap! It adds a lush creaminess and husbands need skin coddling too.

I'm still pondering names. Nothing has really grabbed me yet but of course it has to be Irish.

Any good suggestions out in Bloggerville?



Tina said...

Wonderful to give men a natural choice for that scent! Just tweeted. :o)

SummerfieldSoaps said...

You're the best, Tina! Thanks.


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